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Mike joined Mesa in 2020 as a business analyst.  He is a results-oriented professional offering 20+ years of experience leading key growth initiatives with a focus on operations, sales, marketing, and customer service. Known as an expert in delivering innovative, reliable, cost-saving solutions and strategies that streamline processes and drive business growth in a fast-paced environment. Flexible, analytical, and hands-on with a proven progressive career reflecting strong management experience that builds and leads motivated teams with a focus on Lean leadership principles. Highly praised for work ethic, ability to motivate, problem-solving and verbal communication skills.


  • Experienced with many types of software solutions including ERP systems, e-commerce solutions, and associated applications as well as Live-chat and industry proprietary tools to streamline processes.
  • Worked closely with I.T. departments to create industry-leading systems to fill needs such as order entry improvements, art file transfers, proofing, etc.
  • Experience using outside vendors to create databases that drive multi-million-dollar marketing decisions.


  • Over 20 years’ operations, sales, and marketing experience in the manufacturing and distribution fields.
  • Lean leadership certified.
  • Vast experience in process improvements, increasing productivity through technology implementation and process changes.
  • Created successful product lines and responsible for the sales and marketing of those lines.
  • Worked directly with large retailers such as Staples, Walmart, Day-Timer to create product lines, POP displays, and creative marketing efforts.

Mike enjoys music, is an accomplished trumpet player and travels around the country with his wife Carol on their Indian motorcycle.