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Project Management

Problem: Our business processes were not well supported by our legacy ERP system. In order to improve productivity, planning and better management reporting we decided to make the change to a new system. After starting the project it became clear we required project management support to help us maintain focus and look after our interests during the implementation process.

Solution: We engaged Mesa during the project as our project manager – to interface with our provider and our management team to ensure alignment on activities and time schedules.

Results: As with most major projects in the life of a business they rarely are completed exactly as planned. This implementation was no exception. However if it were not for the efforts of Mesa we would have made several costly mistakes that could potentially have derailed the project. The result is that we have successfully implemented the system we needed and are now far more effective at managing the business going forward. We surely appreciate Mesa’s experience and support through this difficult process.


Problem: The distribution company processes 1,200 orders per week, and inventory control is paramount in their efforts. They needed a way to save time and improve the accuracy for these processes in the warehouse environment. The old manual effort needed to be updated utilizing the new technology that is now available to the market.

Solution: The Mesa Group, in conjunction with the software provider, made modifications to the existing software to fully implement RF devices in the warehouse. A number of RF guns and label printing devices were purchased and distributed to the warehouse personnel, which has allowed the labels to be printed as needed, wherever the transaction is taking place. This further streamlines the order processing transaction and eliminates wasted efforts.

Results: The Company has streamlined their order fulfillment and inventory processes saving the company time and improving accuracy. The new process will reduce the amount of training needed to bring new employees up to speed.

Process Improvement

Problem: The Company processes a large volume of orders that have backorder parts on them. This resulted in excess orders to manage and additional shipping costs for customers.

Solution: The Mesa Group developed and implemented an automated process that allowed sales partners to review backordered lines for a customer and cancel or move the lines forward to the current order being entered.

Results: The Company was able to continuously consolidate customer orders resulting in less management and because the backordered items now shipped as part of a current order, shipping costs were reduced. The ultimate result was reduced cost and happier customers.