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20 plus years of solid experience

In the area of business management, we offer a variety of services.

Strategic Assessment and Placement

We assist customer companies in all areas of strategy formulation and planning. We can assist you with visioning and mission statements; growth and marketing strategies; compensation and incentive plans; and organizational development planning.

Process Improvement

Efficiency and effectiveness; getting beyond the “we’ve always done it this way” mentality. Mesa professionals can work with you to analyze and evaluate existing processes to identify opportunities to improve your organization’s efficiencies and enhance your competitiveness. With our knowledge of industry standards and proven technologies, we can enable you to succeed quickly with minimum impact on employees, suppliers, and customers.

Supply Chain Optimization

Achieving optimal effectiveness throughout the supply chain is crucial to delivering full value to your customers. We can assist you in developing integrated strategies and discrete action plans to achieve this level of effectiveness at the least investment and operating cost. We stay current on emerging technologies and market trends that may benefit customers but consistently apply our practical industry experience to assure realistic expectations and plans.

Customer Relationship Management

Our experienced consultants can help you focus on conceiving, establishing, and maintaining a comprehensive customer relationship strategy. Building on this foundation, we will then aid you in selecting the most productive CRM methodologies, tools, and technologies compatible with your business model.

Electronic Commerce Strategy

The Internet has radically changed the way we conduct business. Based on our knowledge of emerging technologies, our experience with other customers, and our penchant for practical business solutions, we can assist you in developing plans to integrate exciting new technologies into your operations smoothly and quickly.

M&A Due Diligence

Mesa has been engaged by several clients to conduct the IT components of the discovery and due diligence processes for merger or acquisition initiatives. Through these successful engagements we have developed and continue to refine tools and methodologies that support efficient, timely accomplishment of due diligence efforts.